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5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Salesforce UI

Follow these five steps to keep your Salesforce UI (User Interface) organized and clean — and your Salesforce users productive and happy!


When to Delete Old Leads

Keep your CRM and your email sender reputation squeaky clean by setting a policy for when to delete old leads.


New Worksheet: How to Document Salesforce Apps and Installed Packages

Downloading apps and packages from the Salesforce AppExchange can help you maximize your investment — and make life easier on your team. But, if there isn’t a system in place to keep an accurate record of what you’ve downloaded and how it’s used, things can get out-of-hand pretty quickly.


How one young woman is climbing to new heights with a career in tech — and bringing others up with her

A 4x Salesforce-certified tech consultant, Marciana Davis has worked hard to teach herself new skills and carve out a career path that will help her accomplish her goals and dreams.


Is Your Salesforce CRM a Security Risk? Find Out Today by Running a Salesforce Security Health Check

August 14, 2020

With the Salesforce Security Health Check dashboard, you can find and fix vulnerabilities in your security settings.


The Salesforce Optimizer Report: An Admin’s Secret Weapon

The Salesforce Optimizer tool helps companies identify any potential problem areas with their implementation and provides tips on how to fix it.


Cut the Clutter: Clean Up Salesforce Apps and Packages

Just like in your home, your Salesforce workspace often accumulates clutter over time. One common source is installed apps and packages.


How to Remove Duplicates from Salesforce: A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the most important things you can do to get the most of our of Salesforce is keep clean, accurate data. If your data is inaccurate, full of duplicates, and just generally messy, your team can’t be as productive.


Salesforce Campaigns: How to Track Your Marketing ROI in Salesforce

Salesforce Sales Cloud has a built-in feature to help you align your marketing efforts with sales: Campaigns. Marketers can use this often-overlooked Salesforce feature to analyze how a specific campaign impacts leads, the company’s pipeline, closed deals, and customer lifetime value.


6 Ways Salesforce List Views Can Make Your Life Easier

When you need an easy, intuitive way to sort, prioritize, and analyze your Salesforce records, check out list views. Available in both Classic and Lightning Experience, list views help you get organized and make the most out of your records, without having to create and run reports.

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