About Us

Qualified, Affordable, Onshore Tech Talent

CentralApp is an West Virginia-based firm connecting companies with certified, affordable tech workers in Appalachia.

Founded by West Virginians with deep roots in the tech world, CentralApp offers a network of onshore certified technology professionals to offer expert --- and affordable --- assistance in developing and configuring enterprise level platforms and tools including Salesforce and Hubspot.

Whether you’re looking to staff your next project, hire contractors for longer-term engagements, or find a superstar employee, we can help!


Tech Equity

CentralApp was born out of the belief that talent, ingenuity, and work ethic are equally distributed --- and economic opportunity should be too. In pursuit of that goal, we are leveraging the opportunities provided through the CentralApp Talent Exchange to mobilize tech talent and cultivate opportunities in high-tech fields within rural communities.