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A Mask or A Gun?

But rural communities have largely been left out, which has only widened the gulf between urban and rural America. That disconnect became glaringly evident to me recently when, in preparation for my trip, I asked a simple question on Facebook: What should I pack to stay safe on the road?

The two most common answers were shockingly different — a mask and a gun.


11 Books for 2021

I’ve been listening to a lot of books during my Operation Rural Tech road trip. I thought I’d share some of my favorites from business and tech. I’ve provided a little summary, below, on why I like the book. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these and any recommendations for other good reads!


Commentary: It's Time for the Hillbilly Highway to Become a Two-Way Road

Through CentralApp and similar remote work opportunities, talented young Appalachians can secure well-paying tech jobs and stay in the region they love. Those who have left and want to come home, can. And those who are looking for beautiful vistas and an affordable cost of living can adopt Appalachia as their new home.

Centralapp ceo embarks

CentralApp CEO embarks on mission to bring remote tech jobs to Appalachia

“Silicon Holler is going to be the new Silicon Valley,” said Patrick Farrell, one of CentralApp’s co-founders. “And I think Todd is just the person to lead the way for us. His extensive experience in growing and scaling tech companies is impressive. More importantly, he has a passion for our mission to bring new, high-wage jobs to Appalachia. That’s a powerful combination. You can’t stop a person who has both the know-how and the drive to pull it all together.”


CentralApp’s “Operation Rural Tech” attempts to bring remote tech jobs to Appalachia

“My goal is to raise awareness about all the activity the country has for domestic tech workers in Appalachia. I would like to think over the long-term we could get people to think about when they outsource technology rather than thinking they have to go to India or eastern Europe they can outsource those jobs to Appalachia,” said Cope. “I really think we can get there.”


Operation Rural Tech: Anticipated Route

January 4, 2021

Last updated: January 8, 2021 As part of the Operation Rural Tech initiative, Todd Cope, CEO of CentralApp, plans to visit the following cities: Monday, January 4: Huntington, West Virginia Ashland, West Virginia Hazard, Kentucky London, Kentucky Tuesday, January 5: Knoxville, Tennessee Charlotte, North Carolina Wednesday, January 6: Atlanta, Georgia Thursday, January 7: Chattanooga, Tennessee Friday, January 8: Nashville, Tennessee …


CentralApp CEO Embarks on Mission to Bring Remote Tech Jobs to Appalachia

Todd Cope is a man on a mission. The CEO of the West Virginia-based tech company, CentralApp, is setting out on a cross-country journey. His goal? To bridge the economic chasm between urban and rural America.


2021 Power of Performance honorees announced

Todd Cope, CEO of CentralApp was also recognized for his organization’s efforts in the Putting People to Work category. CentralApp trains people in technical skills and works to connect companies in need of tech talent with qualified workers from throughout the Appalachian region.


Operation Rural Tech: Thinking Bigger

We need to shake off this imposter syndrome and remember who we are: proud, creative, resilient, and brave mountaineers who can build or fix anything. Who aren’t afraid to blaze trails and trod where others haven’t. And who don’t give a damn about others’ opinions of us, because we believe in ourselves and each other.


Operation Rural Tech: The Plan

“I will be working throughout this trip demonstrating the “work from anywhere” reality that CentralApp has always embraced and that COVID has forced on many.” — CentralApp CEO Todd Cope

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