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5 Signs You’re Not Making Full Use of Salesforce

June 26, 2019

Wondering if your organization needs a fresh approach to managing Salesforce? Here are 5 signs you might not be getting the most out of your investment — and ways a Salesforce Admin can help!  

Making the most of the salesforce mobile app-1

Making the most of the Salesforce mobile app

It’s all about user experience. As Salesforce administrators, our first task is to put ourselves in the shoes of our users. And our users’ shoes are out there pounding the pavement, slogging through the mud and snow, and hammering down on the gas pedal. That means mobile design can’t be an afterthought. Fortunately, Salesforce bakes in mobile access.


Herald-Dispatch: Building a better future for West Virginia through job opportunities

This article was originally published by the Herald-Dispatch. HUNTINGTON – For the past six years, West Virginia has seen a gradual decline in population, dipping from roughly 1.85 million residents in 2012 to 1.81 million as of July 2018, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While there are many factors that contribute to the exodus of West Virginians, one major contributing factor...


Silicon Valley Exec hired to make ‘Silicon Holler’ a reality

Todd Cope named new CEO of West Virginia-based CentralApp

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5 Reasons to Learn Salesforce Skills

If you’ve been on our blog before, you’ve probably seen us mention Salesforce. Salesforce skills are incredibly valuable. In fact, the West Virginia Department of Education now offers classes to help adults learn Salesforce as part of an effort to prepare our state’s workforce for the new economy.


Land one of the 3.3 million new jobs being created by the growth of Salesforce

Land one of the 3.3 million new jobs being created by the growth of Salesforce Have you heard of Salesforce? It’s kind of a big deal. In fact, it’s the fourth largest Software company in the world!


New Salesforce Training Classes Starting in West Virginia on October 1!

New Salesforce training classes are starting in West Virginia on October 1! Are you ready to relaunch your career? Get the skills you need to join the growing tech industry. We are excited to partner with West Virginia’s Career and Tech Centers to launch new Salesforce training classes this fall! These classes will teach you the skills you need to …

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You (yes, YOU) can learn to code

You (yes, YOU) can learn to code Coding skills are always useful. And even knowing the basics can give your resume a major boost. So this week’s list offers FREE tools to help you learn to code. You might find that it’s easier than you think!


Land a great tech job with clicks instead of code

Land a great tech job with clicks instead of code When you think of a typical tech job, do you think of screens full of code? Coding is definitely a hot career field. But, these days, many tech pros work with clicks not code.


What is IoT?

What is IoT? It’s not a dumb question… what is IoT, anyway?  IoT stands for the “Internet of Things,” and it’s a term used to describe the many physical devices that are now connected to the internet.

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